Living the simple life

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

My beautiful daughter, Jennifer.I am so proud of my youngest child, this is one of a set of pictures she had taken to give her more confidence. A hard working girl like her Mum, she has chosen to train as a chef despite being extremely dyslexic, and supports herself with several part time jobs. The best thing that happened to her is She met Anthony, a fellow chef and all round good guy.


Am working 20 hours a day to make Christmas this year. We have no income at the mo so am just coming to the end of my last paycheck, have been scouring the bargain aisle at Tesco's and have done well! Just building and decorating a dolls house that my friend Lizzy bought for her daughter. I managed to buy a cd from E bay full of dolls house wallpaper so I have saved a bomb- it was £1.99 and has 1115 items on it to print out. Wil post pics of finished house asap.I think I have finished almost everything and am hibernating today.

I have been very worried about my friend Steve, we have talked every couple of days on the phone and seen each other at least once a week for the last year but he went AWOL a month ago. I tried every means of contact available besides carrier pigeon then I left him in peace - last night he turned up at my door after having a paralysing bout of depression, we talked and laughed for a couple of hours then he went on his way promising to keep in touch.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

I can't get the hang of digital camera's much to my disgust. This pic was taken by hubby on a recent trip to Whitby, its the centre of Goth world in the UK. We spent a couple of days fitting in all the sites- again! This was possibly our last trip as hubby is too ill to travel far due to his disability.

Im now retired/jobless/insane. i gave up work on the 28th of November to become a full time carer. Everyone siad the first couple of weeks would be like a holiday, not a chance, Ive hardly had a minute to spare since I left work. Although I must admit to finding it a luxury to spend so much time crafting and all the stuff I have stockpiled over the years is now being sorted and used.

Obviously we have very little income at the moment so its a homemade xmas which I love anyway and have used lots of ideas from peoples blogs, so thank you all for the inspiration, you have saved me lots and lots of money.