Living the simple life

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Im a ditz...

I could not for the life of me log in and post....cos I used the wrong e mail addy !!! This is what I have been upto, most of these have been dispatched to some very good people who deserved a hug this Christmas

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Its December in 13 minutes!

Well to date I have made many many presents and bought a few bargain ones too. We have had the garage cleared out and got rid of all the stuff the kids had stashed there - mainly furniture donated to friends and John found our Christmas tree all 10'' of it!

Think we may have to go tree shopping very soon.
Also need bulk buy of rabbit food
Sack of spuds
and something for Christmas dinner

Got my first gift - my secret santa from the Nonnys. NOT TO BE OPENED TILL XMAS DAY! on pain of being de nonnified!

Things have been up and down here at Egan towers of late, one day total peace, the next chaos just hoping for some good times this month and a break from all the stress.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Its nearly Christmas....

Am busily preparing for the best Christmas ever as Little man will be more aware this year. Got him a pirate ship that you can pull along reduced at Asda or tesco ( cannot remember which as I was shopping with Jenni and it got a little crazy!

need to dig out the DVD player for him to watch Pingu on - 1p from Amazon - bargain or what.

Lots of things in process, knitting, crochet and sewing - I actually took a pic.

1 parcel ready for Bonnie Babies - its for the Maybole fair full of Christmas stockings and gift tags - forgot to take pics - DUH !! And one bag of cards for Rozs friend to sell at hospice. lets hope they all help raise funds as charities are really struggling in this economic climate.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

made myself a Cath Kidstonesque bag and...

bought a handbag to go with it! Also turned out a couple of cushion covers and a tea cosy in similar colours.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Henry's christening...

We all got together to celebrate my nephews son's christening. the Minister was such a lovely man and included the children in the ceremony by asking them questions.We then went to the village hall and ate lots and lots of cake. I think its the first time we have all been together in about 20 years. This is a rare pic of my darling son Gareth, pity John didnt get gaz's girlfriend Carrie on it too, she is a stunning young woman.

Ahh my family together in one place!

Michaels first birthday was a low key affair. Jenni was most chuffed that my Mum got a taxi, train and bus then car ride just to see him on his special day.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Here are a few of my latest makes...

I have been a busy girl - socks, crochet houses, chicken cushion(a gift for a friend) and some of my bootsies. Have great plans to do mush more as soon as possible, as some very nice people on MSE have kindly let me use their patterns. What would I do without all my buddies on there?

Serena's wedding

have been making favours and table centre pieces for Serena. The wedding has a Mad Hatter theme and everything has to be transportable by car to Scotland. I have made 7 tiny tables with knitted food and handmade tiny top hats, the whole thing is the size of a dinner plate.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Its May!! ...

I cannot believe its May already. Just finishing Serena's wedding stuff then Im going to start on Christmas. Hoping to have a craft stall at the local church at Christmas. Going to make lots of my little houses too and put them on Folksy to try and keep our finances healthy.

Don't know what I would do without my friends from the Old Style Board on MSE. I have saved a fortune with their help and they are like a truss - a constant source of support - especially Mardatha.

Monday, 28 February 2011

Time flys....

Michael is nearly 1... and Im nearly, well that would be telling! Gareth is 30 next week. I cannot fathom how we suddenly got to the end of February.

Am keeping busy making stuff for the local donkey sanctuary Spring fair. I have a box of things made so far. Lots of cross stitch and crochet brooches. I just hope it all raises lots of funds for them.

Jenni moves to her new shiny house this week, no more damp and cold for her and Michael. At last she can make this house into a home. Looking forward to seeing all her pictures on the walls. If I can actually find anywhere near to get a ball of white wool I can finish the throw I made for the boys bed.
Here he is on the rocking horse I got him for Xmas, I just added a leather saddle and reins! Not bad for 8.00 pounds.

What have I been upto....Looking after little man and loving it!