Living the simple life

Thursday, 5 July 2012

My lovely gifts from Laa Laaa at from the Jubilee swop. Beautiful handmade pin cushio, shopping bag,badges and paper to amke garland but think that may well go on the cards for the hospice. Have decided to make 100 cards for my friend Roz's sister to take to the hospice to raise funds. last time I sent 25 and they were all bought by one woman who said she wouldnt have to buy a card all year.

John is struggling with his health and is due for more tests on the 16th of July. Cancer wears you out, especially when you are to ill with other things to have treatment. I cannot thank our friends and Gareth and Jenni enough for all the support they have given us lately. Also a big hug to all those on Money saving expert who are so generous of spirit and give me encouragement and unconditional love.
Snapped a quick pic of John and the little man bit blurry but so  sweet. I am guessing they are watching Pingu .

Jenni's birthday card an bouquet that I made her - will straighten the flowers when I am taking them over later.
I made a turtle suit for some pics of Lissy and Claire's little girl. Not bad since I copied it from a photo.
Got lots of lowers this week, from John , Gaz and Lissy/Claire. My mantel is full with them and all the thankyou cards from Mrs Twins and friends plus a beautiful Get Well card for John from one of the cricket teams. I love it when it looks like this.