Living the simple life

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Michael decided grandads funny hat and baggy jumper were just the thing for a chilly day! 

Further to my No-spend-vember I decided to put lots of the goodies we found whilst clearing the loft out to E bay. Usually I dont do very well with it and stuff remains unsold. Seems I have found my niche now, I really only hoped to make minimum price for stuff which would have slowly filled our money pot but amazingly things have done really well. 

1. knitting patterns on Amazon sold for £11

2. OH's old Dinky toys have sold for £10 - !6 which was a shock as they are very well played with, no boxes and some have no wheels.

3. Lace making bobbins that Mum picked up for me ages ago in a charity shop sold from 99p a bundle to £8

Have boxes of things that I would have liked to keep but really are filling the house to bursting so am popping a few things on E bay every few days so in about 4 months will have lots of room and be able to pay off a couple of small debts thus saving us money every month. there are some pieces of Speedway memorabilia and Games belonging to Son that could potentially make (to me) a lot of money. Son has agreed to split the money with me so onwards and upwards!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Have decided after managing to complete Stop-tober challenge of saving every penny to attempt No-spend -vember. Am going to use up freezer contents so I can re-organise with more homemade ready meals instead of odds and sods. Although I make big meals now we have son living here for a while I only get 1 portion left over so want to make bigger batches and have 6 portions instead of 4.

Have been inspired by   Froogs at fab photos of her big batches. So each week after freezer is depleted I will be making a different batch ie. chilli and spag bol one week, quiches and cakes the next then by December I should have a range of meals in individual portions.

Have done very well and managed to buy some Christmas presents or rather ingredients for hampers without breaking the bank. Most of the gifts otherwise will be homemade as usual but want to get my Grandson some toy animals from the early learning centre and get Grandad to make him a little zoo to keep them in.

Have had to empty the loft of 30 years of junk/memorabilia and a few treasures. the landlord needs it empty by the 23rd of November to re-insulate the loft, we were hoping to do it gradually over the next 6 months as we had planned but I wont miss the chance of more insulation.  So am attempting to become Queen of E bay. I dont think I will get more than £1 per item but there are a lot of items hopefully this will keep the wolf from the door for a while longer.