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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Where did April go?

I seemed to spend a great deal of April run off me feet, finishing projects, starting new ones and of course ignoring a few I should have got on with. Then Jenni announced that her and the boys ( partner and son that is) had booked a cheap holiday in Spain and were away for a week. I did no more than jump on the pc and book us a break in Lincolnshire at a fishing place that catered for disabled people. I had my heart in my mouth as I did it as Hubby was quite fragile after a suspected mini stroke. I told him I had booked but it didnt actually register that we were going the next week until he heard me on the phone to Mum then he got excited and started gear..and more fishing gear..began to wonder if I could actually get in the car.

We spent 4 days in total peace and quiet and barely spent a penny. Hubby had to walk a few yards to where his fishing gear was set up at the lakeside so he enjoyed every minute of it. I sat in the cottage with the door open, stitching away or sat on a stone bench outside the cottage listening to the birds. Unfortunatly on the Wednesday hubby took ill and we had planned to go out and meet Ilona from Life After Money blog but hubby spent all day in bed. Of course the lovely lady understood that circumstances being as they are with Hubby it was amazing we got as far as we did. I still think the 4 days was worth it just to recharge my batteries if not his as it makes me able to keep on keeping on.

 Here is our little cottage and my stone bench refuge.

This was the beginning of my newest project when I got back, a patchwork quilt for my Grandson made from his tiny shirts and his Uncle Gareths man sized shirts. I had been waiting till gareth wore out a very nice blue check one so I could get started.
Here we have the first panel. I used to do very technical quilts by hand and all paper pieced but lifes too short so I ran this one up on the machine. It may not be perfect but theres love in every stitch and thats all that matters. maybe with my next one I will have a look at Froogs way of doing it and make it neater but for this one Im very happy. Im now on my 6th panel so just 2 more to go and I will back it etc.
I made this for little mans birthday and he was so pleased with it when he opened it that he gave it a squishy hug! Success!