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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

I can't get the hang of digital camera's much to my disgust. This pic was taken by hubby on a recent trip to Whitby, its the centre of Goth world in the UK. We spent a couple of days fitting in all the sites- again! This was possibly our last trip as hubby is too ill to travel far due to his disability.

Im now retired/jobless/insane. i gave up work on the 28th of November to become a full time carer. Everyone siad the first couple of weeks would be like a holiday, not a chance, Ive hardly had a minute to spare since I left work. Although I must admit to finding it a luxury to spend so much time crafting and all the stuff I have stockpiled over the years is now being sorted and used.

Obviously we have very little income at the moment so its a homemade xmas which I love anyway and have used lots of ideas from peoples blogs, so thank you all for the inspiration, you have saved me lots and lots of money.

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