Living the simple life

Monday, 30 September 2013

Here is my latest make, done in 3 days and will be soon winging its way to a dear friend as a little gift to thank her for her kindness of spirit. In the past few chaotic months my band of online buddies have kept me upright and I will never forget that.

Here is my darling boy in his car. He is smiling at his reflection in the door panel. I cannot believe he has started school today and immeadiately took to his carer. 

I lost a lot of pictures when my Pc dies but am hoping to have them all back soon, meanwhile am off to take lots more.


  1. He's really so sweet! I've really missed you.. When are you coming back? I hope to hear from you as asap. Your loyal reader - Betty Lee.

  2. I cannot seem to access my blog - I have another one hope to see you there xx