Living the simple life

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Scrimping is getting harder...

The little man is 2 next week and had to pop my usual piccy of him in.

 We are having problems stretching the pennies at the moment and not dipping into our precious savings. Very few whoopsies to be found despite trawling the shops. Hoping for some great successes in the veggie garden to help out. The greenhouse was the best investment ever, much better success rate with seeds. So now I have 1 small greenhouse full and the walk in too. Have planted flowers too hoping it will cheer me up as well as saving the pennies. Have just read Greyqueens advice on MSE and she says soaking bean seeds for 24/48 hours definately helps them on their way so will be trying that with my next sewing. Actually grown mustard and cress - I must have tried 20 times before and totally failed. Goodness knows how much a punnet is nowadays but it all helps. So egg and cress butties for lunch.


  1. Happy birthday to your little boy. I received my squares at the weekend, they're lovely, thank you. Can't wait to make my blanket xxx

  2. I can empathise with the stretching pennies issue!