Living the simple life

Saturday, 2 February 2013

keeping busy...

I have spent a few months making squares and the last 2 weeks decided it was time to start joining. this is number one, coffee and cream.

Number 2 is a gift for a friends grandson down south after he kept borrowing the Christmas one I made for his grandma - can't have that he needs one of his own.

This is a larger one made from leftovers of my favourite yarns. Im hoping to sell numbers 1 and 3 so cross your fingers for me.

The last one is a 36" square for my dear friend Mrs Twins (Sue) from SIBOL Please visit her beautiful blog and see the wonderful blankets she collects from all over the world. They are mainly for elderley people in the Uk but some are auctioned so she can carry on helping as many people as possible.