Living the simple life

Friday, 23 March 2012

Busy Friday...

Been thinking about our holiday to Northumbria and wishing we could return, found a lovely village called Craster but think it may be too far for John to drive yet.

Have managed to almost fill the new greenhouse with seed trays full of seeds! There is room for 2 gro-bags on the floor and bigger pots on the right hand side but those will wait. Have all manner of pretty flowers in for John and lots of veggies. Must do courgettes tomorrow as I rely on them for my breakfast in the summer. Lots of crochet projects nearing completion and a few knitted ones too.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Actually did a cross stitch for myself, and it cost me £1.80 to do. Frame from CS and bargain threads, which are ok as I wont need to wash it as its framed. The rabbit is Baby, a rescue whom I adore, the softest boy in the world. He was about to have a manicure which is no problem as he just lies there quietly while I snip away.


My lovely Mothers day flowers and card. And a picture of Michael in the back ground. Have finally got my new greenhouse up after a lot of work from John,its great and I have got it started already.