Living the simple life

Sunday 5 February 2012

3 blankets I made whilst waiting around the hospital for John to be let out. I didnt waste my time there.

Have been particularly frugal in January as we were short of funds. Made lots of cakes to fill us up. Love the yoghurt cake from MSE - no weighing just empty a pot of yoghurt in bowl then use the pot to add ingredients. 
new de-hydrator courtesy of the kids for Christmas has been great, no more fading veg in the basket, all dried and bagged off ready to add to stews and casseroles. Bran muffins and scones have gone down very fast as has the HM raspberry jam - whoopsied and frozen months ago - made it in 17 minutes in the microwave. Just fruit and sugar, no chemicals, additives and certainly no need for preservatives. Have just taken some strawberries out to make more, must remember to add lemon juice as they don't have much pectin in


  1. The blankets look beautiful and the cakes sound delicious!

  2. Beautiful blankets!...Thank you too for calling by my blog today and good luck in the Giveaway!...Susan x

  3. The blankets are all gorgeous!
    Love Suex